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Get help with the issue you face
If you are experiencing unwanted behaviour from your pet you may need to implement a behaviour plan to change the situation. A behaviour assessment allows analysis of the issue for a plan to be implemented. Katey specialises in dogs, however, all pets are catered for with a range of behaviour issues.


Basic training through to advanced concepts or changing bad habits
Have a puppy you want to train? Experiencing a training issue with your pet? Have something specific you want to teach? Katey specialises in dogs, however, all pets are catered for. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and you will receive training handouts after your session.


Need to self-isolate? Live outside of the area Katey covers?
Katey is available for virtual coaching to aid you with your training or behaviour needs. Coaching is delivered via a virtual meeting system which means each appointment is recorded for you to watch back if you need to remind yourself of any information you think you missed.

Veterinary Nursing

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