What is Garden Gundog Training?

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Created in the peak of the COVID-19 lock down during restricted movement. It is based on the idea that all training (for any sport) can begin at home and in the garden. All training needs a starting point and there is no better place to start than at home, especially for gundog training.

The name was inspired by a dear friend and colleague Cristen Brown from Ruff Diamond Dog Training during one of our many chats during the lock down period. 

How is it taught?

The primary method is clicker or marker training and using the power of R+ (positive reinforcement) using a variety of rewards. 

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Online Foundation Course

Any breed can take part in Garden Gundog Training from any age as the exercises start you from the beginning.

Do you have issues getting your dog back? Does your dog ignore you on walks? Have an interest in gundog training but don't know where to start? Already do gundog training but want to learn about the principles of positive reinforcement?

The foundation course has been designed to start you from the beginning and take you through training in a structured, progressive way. You will learn important fundamental information and training to help you implement and progress your training.

The content is delivered over 5-weeks unlocking new content each week, across 8-modules. There are over 31-lessons and 30-videos. Your week begins from the day you sign up but you can work at your own pace and go back to do it a again.

This course provides the foundations of:

Targeting, Focusing on the owner, Recall whistle, Sit, Down, Sit and down stay, Settle, Heelwork, Release cue, Distance work, Out, Back, Retrieve’s, Plus more!

Prerequisites: None, everything you need is covered in this foundation course

£80 for access



In-Person Workshops & Classes

Workshops and/or classes occur approximately the last Sunday of each month (subject to change). Workshops are 2-hours in length.

This regular workshop addresses gundog training concepts and exercises needed for gundog work. It is also suitable for pet owners that just want to get the best out of their dogs and is open to non-gundog breeds.
9am: intermediate/advanced dogs
11.15am: intermediate/novice dogs
New students: this will teach you about gundog training through the power of positive reinforcement and clicker (marker) training. You will learn how to obtain base behaviours and shape these behaviours. 
Previous Students: you will build on previous exercises to strengthen and enhance your training. Content will be adjusted for students that have previously attended.
Planned topics include (but will vary on each monthly workshop):
Targeting, Focusing control, Whistle work
Distance work, Retrieve elements, General control. Approximately 7 dogs per workshop. You will be sent a list of equipment needed once you book.
Priority booking will be given to those who previously attended or those on the waiting list.


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, you can find a map of the venue on the ‘contact’ page. This is at a fenced field in Ellingham.