Why the patient needs a veterinary referral

All owners signing up for behaviour help must have a referral form completed by their veterinarian. This may mean the owner needs a consultation with their veterinary surgeon for an examination to be conducted. This will be at the discretion of your veterinarian according to when the owner last visited and the nature of the last visit.

Underlying illness can hinder progress of a behaviour programme; the patient should have an examination to include a pain screen, orthopeadic examination, check ears and all the vital signs.

The veterinary practice must return this form directly via the online form. Please do not request the form to then pass on it as this will not be accepted.

Claiming on Insurance?

If the owner is planning to instigate a claim for behaviour support through their insurance company they must check this first prior to placing a booking as there are un-refundable charges during the booking process. The owner must check this rather than the veterinary surgeon.

Not all insurance companies will pay out for behaviour and those that do might have restrictions, such as, the professional being a member of a specific organisation.

The owner must check this first with the insurance company and read the refund policy before booking. Should the owner wish to make a claim to recoup the fees, this must be processed through the veterinary surgery in most cases as a veterinarian must sign a claim form.

Katey Aldred is a full APBC member plus a Registered Veterinary Nurse which usually meets the requirements with insurance companies. 

CLICK HERE to read the refund policy, found under 'Additional Information'.

Veterinary Surgeons

Please complete the form below and submit this online. Paper copies will not be accepted nor will copies that are handed back to the owner.

What you will need:
- The clients details (please ensure these are up to date without error)
- The animals details
- The clinical history as a PDF file
- Any other supporting documents you wish to send

New Referrals without prior contact

If you or the client has not first made contact to enquire about working with Katey:
- All new cases are taken on subject to availability
- You must instruct your client to make contact immediately, cases will only be taken on if the client iniates contact. They receive a copy of the referral form with further instructions.

Increased Demand

Due to an unprecedented demand for behaviour help there is likely to be a wait for new cases to be assessed. Many behaviour cases are not urgent or emergencies. In the event there is a long wait the client may be advised on some initial first aid options.

The referral form must only be completed by a registered veterinary surgeon