A scientific approach to training which believes in a minimally or least intrusive, empowerment ethos to all animals and owners. All methods used are backed up by current scientific research.

You will not find ‘pack leadership’ forced on you or ‘dominance’ theory’s. That is the old school outdated method that ultimately leads to further problems within your relationship with your dog. Unfortunately, this disproved method can deepen a behaviour problem and have the potential to cause further fear or anxiety.

One focus of methods used relies on The Humane Hierarchy system which is a guide for professionals working with animals in decision making process during training or behaviour. It can also assist owners and other professionals that care for animals to set a standard for this care which is humane and takes into account welfare. Here's a great post from Eileen and Dogs on this subject for further reading. The author of this method, world renowned and respected Susan Friedman provides this free article for more information; What's wrong with this picture? Effectiveness is not enough.

We believe that counter conditioning and desensitisation along with some other methods are the only way forward. A method that is intertwined into the core aspects of all services is Behaviour Adjustment Training. Katey began using this method in 2013 becoming a CBATI in 2014 then implementing across all services as a core aspect. Katey was proud to become the first CBATI in the entire East of England and has now begun to help with teaching other prospective teachers.

Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT)

BAT is a training method for dogs who experience fear, frustration, and aggression. BAT is worked into most of our behaviour programs. It can be used solely on its own, if for example there is only the problem of aggression or frustration, but often there are quite a few elements to a behaviour problem.

Katey will teach you the necessary skills to apply lead work, manage your environment, deal with hazards and apply training. You will learn how to arrange set ups, and apply NINJA BAT (one of our favourite sayings, thanks Grisha).

Katey has attended both the 2 day seminar and the 5 day workshop both run by Grisha Stewart. Attending these courses meant valuable skills were learnt, much more than can be learnt from any book!

BAT can also be applied to most training situations and applied during puppy training.

What is BAT

Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) is a training method for dogs who experience fear, frustration, and aggression.

What Grisha Stewart says: “BAT empowers animals to live with confidence and joy among humans.”

BAT was developed by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, who began sharing BAT with the world in 2009, with continuous updates and some excellent new material in 2014 with BAT 2.0. This is an ever evolving technique that is organic.

BAT is a living method that evolves as new research and its positive practical applications are explored, developed and verified. The core of BAT is that it is a dog-friendly application of desensitisation with a giant dose of empowerment to the dog. Giving dogs a high degree of control over what happens to them is important for humane care and is what sets BAT apart from other training techniques.

By setting up situations in which dogs can safely explore the environment and investigate other dogs, people, etc., BAT helps dogs learn to control their own comfort level through peaceful means.


Take a look at some extra information on BAT and the method below via a couple of links.

If you read about the methods at the top you may also have some more questions, such as 'where does BAT fit in the Human Hierarchy?'. Thankfully Susan Friedman addressed this very question at Clicker Expo Luminous in 2019. Grisha Stewart has written a great blog about it which you can read by clicking here.

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OBATS has been created to align with Grisha Stewart in tech BAT to deliver educational events to trainers that wish to learn the nuances of the method. CLICK HERE to visit the site


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