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John Leggett

Dog Training Client

Another great training session, well organised and explained thoroughly

Andrew Girdiefski

Dog Behaviour Client

Absolutely amazing, wonderful training both myself and Ziggy learnt so much, cannot recommend enough!

Nanette Ball

Dog Training Client

Have had another session with Katey, where she was very accommodating and taught me a lot more useful tactics to train my dog. Looking forward to the next session!

Stephanie Ron

Dog Training Client

I have problems with my dog being so excitable so we decided to have a 1 to 1 session with katey and it did a huge improvement. My dog is still excitable as he is still a puppy but it is lesser now and the good thing is we can control him with his barking and jumping up after those sessions and repeated training at home.

Hilary Whymark

Dog Behaviour Client

Katey was very clear and explained many behaviours of our dog which beforehand had baffled us. She was patient and listened to everything we had to say, then was very clear about the best way forward to help our dog have a better future .

Tony Palframan

Dog Training Client

Katey was quick to identify the issues causing us concern. Her explanations were excellent and backed up with written information and links to videos.Her communication skills with us and our dog were first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for a 1.2.1and when we have practiced the skills taught we will book a refresher.

Andy Cresswell

Dog Training Client

Katey is a very knowledgeable trainer and uses her experience to intuitively apply and adapt her methods for the individual dog and handler she is working with. She is welcoming, and patient and makes training fun, whilst being very committed to her client's ongoing development, both in the sessions and in the follow-up members area, where you can access her notes, recommendations and any homework. I look forward to continuing training with her.

Martin Ashpole

Dog Training Client

When attending the gundog training Weasley becomes more attentive and this time he worked really well. Katey has an affinity with Spinones and understands their idiosyncrasies which helps get the best out of them. Thanks for all of your help and we are looking forward to the next session.

Michael Teasdale

Dog Training Client

We have had a number of 1-2-1 training sessions with Katey over the last couple of months. We’ve seen a massive improvement in our 8-month-old dog since working with Katey, particularly on some issues we’ve had in dealing with some of his behaviour, from jumping up at us, biting when he’s overwhelmed with experiences especially outside and on walks, trying to rush through doors before us and many more. She has given us so many tools to manage these behaviours and give our dog and us the means to change the energy and channel it to other positive behaviours. These training sessions have improved and enriched our relationship with our dog and make him so much more of a pleasure to have in the house and out on walks. Very happy with the way Katey communicates. Clear, positive, no-nonsense and clearly lots of fun for the dog and us. Thanks so much

Fliss de Beer

Dog Training Client

I booked in 3, 1-2-1 session with Katey where she gave me some brilliant skills to teach my 10-month-old Cockerdor Luna. The improvements have been amazing and I feel confident in using what I have learnt, as well as Luna really enjoying the sessions. The notes and video's she sends after the sessions are so useful, so what we learn't in our session actually sink in and I can practice them. I would highly recommend Katey to help you train your dog.

Joanna Hazle

Dog Behaviour

I contacted Katey after my dog started displaying increasingly concerning behaviour with other dogs, cats, squirrels etc. She has been an absolute wonder. I’m in a much better position to deal with my dog’s behavioural issues now. I feel like we’ve made really good progress, and Katey taught both my dog and myself so much. The classes were very informative and I’ve learnt a lot along the way. My bond with my dog has gotten stronger and I am much more confident that we can move forward. All the behaviour training is 100 positive reinforcement and it really works. Not every day is perfect still, and I have more to learn, but working with Katey was worth every penny, and I will be going back for more.

Sharon Upton

Dog Training Client

When Cookie first arrived, I chose 1:1 sessions with Katie to help me feel confident. Katie is so knowledgeable and put me at my ease as well as Cookie. She helped me understand the reasoning behind training and how to read certain behaviours and how to approach them and encourage positive behaviours in a fun way. A year on, Cookie and I are attending Pooch Paws group classes. Although not as personalised as 1:1 sessions, Katie knows the dogs and owners so well and the classes operate in a very dog centred way- focused but fun. I would highly recommend Katie and Pooch Paws.

Stacey Smith

Dog Training Client

I am so glad I found Katey. My pups love her positive training methods and she really does understand them. She is always there for help or advice. She truly cares about dogs and you can really feel her enthusiasm for what she does. Would highly recommend it.

Elaine Anderton

Dog Behaviour

Katey worked wonders with Daisy my rescue dog, who really enjoyed her training and proved to be super quick at learning. Unfortunately, after an accident, I lost all my confidence and Katey has stepped back in to work with both Daisy and myself and has adapted her training methods to suit my capabilities. Daisy loves her training sessions and our special bond is returning, which makes it all worthwhile. I have already recommended Katey to others and will continue to do so.

Colin White

Dog Training Client

Katey is by far the best and most competent trainer I have ever met.

Leanne Boyne

Dog Training Client

Totally recommend, Katey was brilliant and so patient. Never owning a dog before she gave us knowledge and confidence answering our questions and worries.

Melita Chynoweth

Dog Training Client

We`ve been working with Katey on our 2 yr old Yorkie. Jago`s problems included high stress levels, reactivity to some other dogs on walks, the hoover, doorbell, separation anxiety, heightened activity and alertness, unable to settle. Following a very thorough assessment Katey returned with a detailed Behavioural Adjustment Training Plan. She talked us through it step by step. We have worked hard in the past three months to identify, reduce and manage Jago`s triggers. Katey taught us techniques to achieve this along with desensitising methods. It`s great to now see Jago so much calmer, relaxed, happier and less stressed at home and on walks. He is a different dog. His progress in all the issues mentioned above is remarkable. Can`t recommend Katey highly enough. Her expertise is invaluable. She has turned Jago around and saved our sanity. Onwards we go.

Courtney Cohman

Dog Training Client

I would highly recommend Katey, she really works hard at her job! I saw improvements in our first lesson! Don’t hesitate, go for it.

Nikki Bunce

Behaviour Client

Katey does nothing by half. She is so knowledgeable & committed to making every dog (animal) happy & the owners just as happy. She makes every effort to suit all dog & owner needs & goes above & beyond because she believes in her tried & tested methods. After 2 years myself & my dog are both still learning from her making both our lives better.

Kiran Gabri BVM MRCVS

Haven Veterinary Surgeons

Katey is an accomplished animal behaviourist, I have seen her work and results, have been thoroughly impressed. She is also a great tutor and has trained my nurses to deal with difficult pets and their socialisation which has lead to happier pet/ vet interaction. Highly recommend.

Adam Smith

Dog training client

Highly recommend from basic handling to advanced, one-to-one and classes. Very professional and I have learnt a wealth of knowledge and skills.

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